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# 1 Visit the bridge.....
08-31-2011, 07:40 PM
yes visit you star ships bridge, go review past missions in your ready room, see your perfectly useless captains cabin, stroll to your ships mess hall where you can try to play a game of poker on the table in the corner, or maybe you could go for a physical in the med bay, which doesn't heal injuries.

yes! there should be several reasons to actually go to the bridge right? well, you would be totally wrong in saying so.

I know its a minor thing to some people, but with the doff system coming, there just should be more to actually do in there.

I and many others have said allot of possible additions would be nice to have, but really what has been discussed on what can actually be done. I can at the very least suggest some of mine, even thought I know they fall on deaf ears, I must at least try.

firstly the ability to use maybe the captains cabin to change my uniform, through a closet of some kind would be very nice feature.

maybe a functioning sick bay, next, one that lest us heal minor and major injuries, I could understand keeping critical ones as only treatable in Earth Space Dock. An engineering room function similar in the injuries healing for ship related ones would be cool here as well.

and lastly, they just recently added in the ability to change to shuttles, but yet we don't have a place specifically to do so? (the transporter room is just not acceptable for this) a new shuttle bay and cargo deck added maybe?

all I'm asking is for someone to listen and tell us what they think it needs.
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# 2
08-31-2011, 07:50 PM
Hmm, this has never come up before, really
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# 3
09-01-2011, 02:09 AM
If I've read the Engineering Reports and similar posts correctly, a lot of what you are asking about is either already in the works (being tested and schedualled for general release soon), being developed, or being considered.

The Shuttle NPC in the transporter room is just there until the Shuttle Bay is ready to be added to the ship maps. I'm just happy that we got the function to play with EARLY, since they could have just as easily decided to wait until we actually HAVE the proper room for the NPC to be stationed in.

There are indeed plans in the works for Sick Bay and the Engineering Lab to be made useful, and we're also getting a Holodeck, which I can only presume is where the Foundry Mission access will be moved to. Although using the Holodeck as the access point for previously completed missions might be nice as well. Or even instead.

And by your proposed use for the Captain's cabin, I'm assuming you mean full tailoring rather than simply switching existing costumes (which we can do on the fly, even while running). While I saw no indication of that in the Engineering or development reports, I think you have a good idea here, and I hope they follow up on it.

I've been with STO for a long time, having gotten the game early enough to recall not having a lot of what we do now. I personally feel that my patience has been rewarded and that it will continue to be rewarded in the future. On the other hand, JUST being patient without making suggestions leads nowhere, so take heart and keep making suggestions for what you'd like to see in the game, because such suggestions may actually bear fruit and show up in the game.

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