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09-20-2011, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by Arako
Flip side: I'm a lifetime subscriber. I paid almost $300 for that. And because I paid almost $300 to them SIGHT UNSEEN... I expect some kind of preferential treatment. I was livid enough when Captain's Table got opened up, regardless of the fact that I'd only been there a few times. Fact was it was there, and only I, and other lifers, could go there. It gives me a measure of status. STO players I knew in real life wanted me to show them the Table. Now, any twit with a CPU can do and see just about anything I can? Why'd I buy a lifetime again? I did the numbers, at $250 it takes 2 years for the cash to equal out. 2 years will be hit in feb I believe. So to put it in perspective, monthly subscribers paid less than I did, and then the model shifts to free, which means we no longer get those benefits at all.
Captain's table was dead and there were more LTS people who approved opening it up to people who paid annual along with subs reaching 400 days. Letting it annual subs and vets in was a good move. And why you feel you deserve a special place for only LTS is crazy. Status? So if nobody sees your status, does it really exist?

Captain's table was a nice place to avoid gold farmers and since 99.9% of them won't sub for 400 days to get in to the CT, you still can use it to avoid their spamming zone chat when you want. But all it is basically is just a ESD with different layout and no gold farmers.
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09-20-2011, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by darkbillie View Post
i wonder if you get 400 points each month in star trek can you take them to CO ?
Probably not since it doesn't work CO stipend to STO. I have 1200 more points in CO and don't even go there anymore so I would have loved for them to merge but no luck.

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