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# 1 Borg invasion thursday
08-31-2011, 07:31 PM
Release Notes - September 1, 2011

•Resolved an issue with the Klingon Academy Uniform that prevented wrist attach items from being used with the sleeveless vest option.
•Cannon and turret fx should no longer exit your ship at odd angles.
Borg Deep Space Encounters
•The Borg will now invade every sector at random intervals on a per sector basis.
◦Look for a “Red Alert” button on the lower right side of your screen
•The Borg that invade are set to level 45 and everyone that is under level 45 will be bolstered to that level once inside the map. Anyone that is over 45 will maintain their level and associated stats.
◦The Borg that invade the Zeta Andromedae Sector are level 51. Players will only be bolstered to level 45.
◦The Borg that invade the Orellius Sector are level 53. Players will only be bolstered to level 45.
•The Borg enemy in the invasion Deep Space Encounters have no drops but give 5 times XP for kills.
◦This bonus XP stacks with one xp boost and the QXP weekend if its running.
•Players are offered a mission to receive a 15 minute XP boost upon entering the zone.
•There are a significant number of accolades associated with this event.
•There is a daily mission associated with the mission in each sector, which means 11 daily missions in all.
◦The reward for this daily is either a random item or a level appropriate emblem/mark

sounds epic
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# 2
09-01-2011, 05:29 AM
Cool, abut time! :p And my cats thought I was ignoring them before, wait till I get home today
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# 3
09-01-2011, 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by CAPTWinters
Cool, abut time! :p And my cats thought I was ignoring them before, wait till I get home today
At least you'll be too busy to feed me to them. :p

But yeah! Good stuff!
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# 4
09-01-2011, 06:31 AM
Finally an excuse to use my two Vice Admirals and my URA then maybe drag my LTCMDR and new LT through these. easier leveling. Well still just something to do and keep me occupied while job hunting goes down hill.
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# 5
09-01-2011, 06:33 AM
Marshall Advance the Young Guard! Where is Grouchy! Grouchy!

cela excite vraiment mon feu bleu… Le Borg échouera

We are the bur under the saddle of the tortured Souless.. We are the liberators of oh we ahve to save the Deferi again..

Pour la liberté de la vie et le butin de Borg !

Once more we find a breech to jump at.. something worth wearign our new Cosy to.
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# 6
09-01-2011, 06:52 AM
Is it released?
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# 7
09-01-2011, 07:25 AM
Woo patching it in FTW
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# 8
09-01-2011, 12:43 PM





Who just threw the partially mechanized Borg Spleen at me?


*looks closer*

Oh my that's not a spleen...

That's just wrong....
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# 9
09-01-2011, 05:10 PM
Hey. Guess what? They're borked. Map Server go boom and all that. Good job guys. Way to make the most of that whole "Making them the best they can be" excuse for backing up the release. If this is happenening now how bad must the bugs have been when they were still on Tribble?
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# 10
09-01-2011, 09:50 PM
Lead on mcDuff.. I see them the BOrg... We hit them with a tonnes of Bricks cause we were many
but much less then a bakers dozen like.. See there is a timer and you are surrounded by groups of them.

Rewards first encounter 98 SP for my MG 4 a 15 min skill boost and the Choice of LVL appropriate item or Badge. I choose Badge receive 2 Marks of Exploration
Didn't see much fall off for other nearby ships but it went pretty fast. Due to the Number of VAs i n the same map as I.. ORION SCI in an EGR ship the Venerable MArtok Flagship Type. Green gear.. BG LVL.

The Borg did use the Scramble Sensor to some effect but being SCI i had some boff and personal counters.
Seemed manageable..

Next Encounter sub 100 XP but has some Accolades for the Sector Block kick in.. no real loot

Last of 3 In Beta Ursae.. I popped the 15 min skill or xp boost received 103 Captains SP
But none of these times did i see an Accolade for End Boss Like for a Breen Capitol Ship.

I love the new ship looks.. but dint see a 5x XP boost hoping to require the missions to see the last updates for level caps and the effect on xp.. or the falling together into this pug style. like a DSE.
but you are up against many peoples visiting Champions on line Cryptics 2 year Anniversary and Tumberboy was a very gracious host. in person appearance dancing on the cake.

So maybe you can come out and have some TM support Like Zeros Great QA Tribble love.. to focus some extra nice rally point and Defend a Special Pre Planet site to jazz it up a notch? Tnx

ah part of the Mission reward or XP SP Mechanic seems flawed in the way you received the REd Alert and not the actual mission without hitting two more tabs. i see this as detrimental in smaller teams v the Borg
in pugs w/o voice chat reliability.. what's top timer time 11 some min... if its a mixed group of KDF FED going in you cant set auto follow and do admin things your battle is to see where the biggest ship of the Allied force s going and try to support them.. So its not a Fleet Private Queuing thing we have here..

which in turn is detrimental to large fleets but good for smaller unattached commands. flexibility here..

I did note some not responding over the norm and back to the stage we were at when the PSI Cantis Area was opened to KDF first Tribble more Not Responding even though our Ping to CrypticAccounts was same
and Modem speed was same ..

Maybe a MAp would Set a Keerat or SB 24 type leader board with Top score reward or Trophy piece to assemble later at Quarks or some other Base tie in could help w emerson.. The red alert flash looks great the boffs respond well to the challenge dialog wise .. needs something like a Rebecca Simmons asking were 7 of 9 is and you aren't going to stop her from acquiring the knowledge then get janeway...

So some nice Villainy like the Romulan Tal Shair H'kve?

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