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Active player looking for the right fit fleet. Have been in several other fleets over the last 2 years. Some just stopped playing. Some were full of drama. Some were full of *******s and mean people. Some had restrictive rules and only cared about statistics. Some had fleet members that never did anything together.

Me. Lifetime. 17 toons. 12 VA. 10 Diplo 4. Several rare ships. Main Fed toon is a tac, flys a fleet Defiant and has 3 reps completed working on Dyson.

Looking for a large active friendly fleet with a tier 4/5 Base. Completed mine & embassy. Regular events. People to run missions with or talk Trek or builds etc.

Some fleets require a mic. Dont have a mic and wouldnt want to go back to that. Been there done that. Too much drama in voice. I can type just fine.

Mail me here.
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11-21-2013, 08:58 PM
I think you should check us out.

We have a fed fleet an a kdf fleet.

Fed side we have a t5 starbase and shipyard, engineering fairly close to t5, sci half way through. Fully completed embassy and mine. Working on dyson sphere.

Kdf fleet is lagging behind, t4 shipyard is completed at the moment. Mine and embassy are at t2.

We have one compulsory requirement for all members - that is to join our in-game chat channel. This is so that our kdf and fed members can talk to each other. We also have 2 team speak channels. However, it is not mandatory to log into or speak on. However, people hang out there and its fun to be in. No drama. I myself hang out there often, and I don't have a mic so I don't speak.

The rules for access to fleet provision is you have to be promoted to a certain rank. The criteria for promotion is, you have to earn 200k fleet credit for each toon to be promoted. This is so that we know you are committed to the fleet and are not just some 'ronin.' If you have more multiple of 200k on a single toon, it can be used for promotion of your other toons.

If interested, PM either me (@pokersmith), @sonulinu, or @bpharma
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11-22-2013, 03:38 PM
Or check this out:

T3 DIL and a few days T5 starbase completed. We have been here for over 2yrs.

For invites please send ingame to @2007-2007

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