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Serious question; I played and managed to complete The Big Dig last night and raised several tickets. Basically I was spawning in objects (/stuck) and (/killme) did not work. Attempted to log out and log back in which it only respawned me to the same location. After numerous attempts I managed to respawn correctly after logging out and logging back in several times. (Guess the fun in that)

I checked the atari site this morning when I selected "view my tickets" and they are not there. Checked in game. No. Nada. Zilch. I am aware Atari no longer owns Cryptic so where do the tickets go to?

Is there a point to raising tickets anymore, does anyone look at them or more importantly read them and fix bugs? Since reactivating my membership I have had ZERO responses to my tickets.

Do Crypic listen to feedback anymore? I am also a tribble test user too and worse yet it seems reoccurring feature.

I am so frustrated that there has been no response to the tickets and the fact I cannot see them. Are tickets now autoclosed upon opening or are they not really logged anymore?
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09-04-2011, 09:43 AM
Bug reports do not show up on the ticket list any more, people never caught on that bug reports are not responded to, just added to the QA list for review, so now they do not show at all. Fairly well known if one is a regular reader of the forums.
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09-05-2011, 12:58 AM
If you want your tickets to show on that list, and get replies from customer support, you need to use the "GM Help" option to write GM/CS tickets.

The Bug Reports are somethnig for Quality Assurance to review, they will collect them and organize them and then it will eventually go to a developer to fix (if the bug is confirmed). But you won't get any replies on it. (If you're lucky, you'll see a patch note mentioning the bug you experienced being squashed.)
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09-05-2011, 01:17 AM
Indeed, as others said, here is the short gist of it:
  • Bug Reports = Straight to the Quality Assurance (QA) Developers.
    • No reply.
    • No player-side record.
    • Recorded only QA-side.
    • Not update-able.
  • GM Tickets = Straight to the Game Masters (GM).
    • Record stored both player and GM side.
    • Replies can take several weeks, unfortunately.
    • Update-able.

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