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First off, I want to say I'm very pleased with the visual upgrades to the Gorn. The new character models just look plain awesome compared to the models we had at launch, as do the uniforms.

However, there was one uniform option that the original Gorn NPCs had that was sadly never ported over, or upgraded to work with the new models, one that would've gone nicely with the new uniform additions. The option in question was a set of leathery-looking greaves worn on the lower legs that didn't cover up the Gorn's feet. This particular leg-wear can be seen here.

Is there any possibility we can see this added down the road?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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09-08-2011, 09:35 AM
Would be nice as I can'r seem to get my Gorn to look right and its mostly the trousers and boots I have a problem with.

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