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09-08-2011, 09:56 AM
There are a couple annoyances I have which somewhat fit into things that the STOKED guys have said before. It has to do with my in game time, and my money. I don't like it when those things are devalued, and I agree with them on that issue. I think for the most part they try to be fair. I may not always agree with Jeremy and Chris 100%, but they do a very good job, and I don't see the point in knocking them for it, nor do I think they are pandering. They like the game, as do I, and that's a personal opinion. I certainly have my reservations about things that have been done at various phases of the game, but overall I like it.

My biggest beef has always been, that I wish we could have full Pitch, Yaw, and Roll. Pitch (allowing full 360 degree movement upwards), Yaw (we have this, its our ability to spin head to tail on a central axis), Roll (the ability to have our lateral flanks roll end over end in combat.). I realize there are technical issues with this, but it would be amazing. I'd also like to see Target Subsystems available on all ships (Sure give science ships better versions if you like, but this is an elementary action that happens in every show from all sides). I'd also like to see Tractor beams come standard and innately, even if weaker than the current versions of them out there. Tractor at least for the Federation has always been standard, and I'm fairly certain the Klingons always use it as well to make forced boarding parties. Neither of these 3 items are likely to happen soon, if ever. It doesn't mean I hate the game though.

That being said, I'm a little mad that the F2P model seems to be taking away some of our veteran rewards, stripping some of the uniqueness of the Lifetime account/investment and essentially greatly diminishing the efforts I've put into my Klingon characters. Quite a lot of grinding and gameplay is completely negated by this on my behalf, with 9 Lt. Generals to date, and Captains and Commanders on top of this. I'm getting no recompense for this. Additionally, I have a couple of Klingons I was looking to finish out here in the next couple weeks... but why? They're sitting at Commander 1 or 2. I'm going to get some free levels, why should I bother? I grant that the grind is somewhat boring on the KDF side, and there's logic behind what they're doing, but IF they're going to do this I feel they should reward those of us who earned all of our ranks.

The other sticking point for me with the F2P model as it comes up, and maybe this is a DOFF issue, is that they're making unusual races free. This completely diminishes my investment in all of those races. This sort of behavior actually chills my interest in future monetary investments in the game as a Lifer. All along I've spent quite a lot in the game over and above the lifetime membership... I don't like seeing that all ****ed away. I suspect Cryptic will look at our thoughts on the matter which is one reason I'm bringing these issues up. I'm pretty gung ho about the game but I have my reservations about some things. I'm happy with an F2P system, I just want it to be done well.
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09-08-2011, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by Borticus View Post
It may not come across in the episode (it's HARD to get all of my thoughts into a live session!), but I'm very much an opponent of Pay-to-Win gaming.

But I'm curious... from a Math standpoint, has anyone actually run PvP tests between various T2 ships to see if the Rhode Island truly FEELS like an imbalance at that level? And I'm not trying to defend it, I just want to honestly know.

I fully admit and recognize what the numbers indicate it's more powerful than another ship due primarily to the extra boff slot. But how much difference does that REALLY make, I wonder?

And let's extend that examination up to T5. If you had one more power at your disposal - one more boff slot - on your favorite VA ship, what would that actually do for you in a PvP scenario that couldn't be countered or would set you undeniably apart from the opponents? It would have to come down to power synergy and available counters to the enemies' tactics, wouldn't it?

Again, I don't want to sound like I'm defending the fact that x.5 ships (or +1 ships) are GOING to be perceived as Pay-to-Win, and perception is reality when it comes to PR for a game company. But I'm truly curious as to how the actual numbers play out. The math.

Maybe I should start a new thread on the subject though, instead of bogging down this one.
I flew the Rhode Island variant and found it to be a perfect ship for the healer build. I was able to tank aginst three ships at once and still be able to fire off HE II and SCI I heals on my team mates. I really enjoyed it, but at times it did feel at an advantage with Sub-system targeting and Sensor Analysis to boot.

In terms of STOked commentary, I think that all I see is two guys that love Star Trek, and love playing STO. Of course it's worth defending, and not alienate potential visitors, looking to discover if the game is worth playing is sound.

But, sometimes I think that the best episodes are the ones that respond to the communities needs and frustrations. That requires asking the difficult questions at times, and not being a sounding board for Cryptics choices.
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09-08-2011, 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
In my opinion, the trend is not going P2Win. It's going Pay for a Better Game Experience. RI and like ships are going to have a leg up but not a highly significant leg up. X.5 ships will be good enough to temp you to buy them but not good enough where you can win-button anyone who doesn't have one.

And this is where the C-Points for Dilithium comes in. Cryptic gets players off their back by saying they can now get any ship and any item using in-game methods. At the same time, those in game methods take so freakin' long that the quickest and easiest way to obtain X.5 is to use RMT's.

It's all marketing tactics to funnel C-Store purchases which support going F2P. If you don't pay $$$ you either wait for months to build up your stipends or grind months to pay ludicrous Dilithium prices. And I believe there's no longer anything we can do about it... we have arrived.
It's sad, really. They've marginalized subs in favor of being CCP wanna-be's.

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