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# 1 A Team Build Point Framework
09-08-2011, 04:39 AM
So, we had a lot of discussions about how to balance teams in tournaments. This is just a random idea I had that might help if you want a little more complex but yet quickly to adjudicate system that gives a lot of flexibility to limit team compositions. It also helps giving "hybrid" ships an appropriate value.

The base system is:
Every ship is assigned an "Escort", a "Cruiser", a "Science" and a "Carrier" score. Tournament rules might include:
  • The scores for each ship
  • The total score a team may not exceed.
The indivual ship scores do not have to add up to the same number, because we want to represent that some ships are better for a certain role than others. So we can recognize existing imbalances in gameplay.
The individual team score for each type does also not have the same total value - we again base this on balance and "game frustration" elements.
The goal is not to max out the points, it's just to not exceed them (though I am sure some people will see it as a mathematical optimization problem.)

An example setup:

All Escorts except MVAM: 4 Escort , 0 Cruiser, 0 Science
MVAM: 4 Escort, 1 Science, 1 Carrier (in a mixed faction tournament, we might worry about the spam factor of MVAMs with Carriers)
All Science Vessels except Intrepid, Nebula and D'Kyr: 4 Science, 0 Escort, 0 Cruiser
Intrepid: 5 Science
Nebula: 4 Science, 2 Cruiser
D'Kyr: 4 Science, 1 Cruiser

Alll Cruisers and Battlecruisers except Star Cruiser and Excelsior: 4 Cruiser
Star Cruiser: 5 Cruiser
Excelsior: 5 Cruiser (In this tournament we just see the Excelsior as a "better" cruiser than others. One could argue that we could also give it an Escort point, but our goal is to minimize the presence of strong cruisers, not the number of Escorts)

Bird of Prey: 3 Escort, 3 Science (This recognizes the fact that the BOP is a strong platform for both sides, but doesn't quite excel at each individual role as the Escort, but gives a way to have it interact with other science ships)

Vo'Quv Carrier: 3 Science, 1 Cruiser, 3 Carrier
Kar'Fi Carrier: 3 Science, 2 Carrier

A tournament rule might be:
Team Escort Strength: 12 (maximum of 3 Escorts)
Team Cruiser Strength: 9 (maximum 2 Cruisers)
Team Science Strength: 9 (maximum 2 Science Vessels, no more than one Intrepid)
Team Carrier Strength: 7 (maximum 2 Vo'Quvs or 3 Kar'Fis, or 2 Kar'fis and 1 Vo'Quv)

A valid setup with this setup would be 2 Bird of Preys, a Vo'Quv, a Raptor and a Neg'Var
(9 Science, 10 Escort, 5 Cruiser)
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# 2
09-08-2011, 04:42 AM
Me and era worked on a such a system... its basicly to allow some small changes but no more then one cruiser
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# 3
09-08-2011, 04:53 AM
Originally Posted by Zorena
Me and era worked on a such a system... its basicly to allow some small changes but no more then one cruiser
Now that you mention it, I remember something like that.

One difference I see is that I wouldn't try to add up science + cruiser + escort values. Keep them seperate. That gives you more ability to manipulate the possible combinations, and to tweak the values for each category.

Ultimately, the goals we have is generally
  • Limit Science Spam
  • Limit Healfests
  • Limit Pet Spam
I think trying to give every ship a single point value makes creating a system very hard, and will create restrictions and options you don't want. So simply keep the 3 target numbers to "optimize"/"limit" more seperate (but not entirely independent.)

A disadvantage might be that this doesn't take into account the chosen Captains. Though this could be done. Trying to limit what people put into a Bridge Officer Slot seems difficult, it's too difficult to track, and is also error-prone. By seperating the scores, you can at least acknowledge the different potentials of the Bird of Prey, for example.

I can't edit the title of the thread anymore, but, for me one emphasis is the "framework" aspect of this idea.

The framework doesn't define what points you assign. It just assigns what type of scores exist and you can assign to ships, and how you stack them up to determine an "acceptable" team build.
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# 4
09-08-2011, 08:12 AM
I think this system along with the limiting of broken powers as determined by the organizers of a tourny, will result in some ..dare i say it..balanced groups/fights.

Whats odd is that my fleet in its premade attempts is following the system already.


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