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Right now I have a Commander 6 for the KDF as I have been levelling him so I can have a LtGeneral.

Observations after leveling past LT

Lt rank is quick if you tackle and grind past Exploration, PvP, FE series, and of course the Story mission at the end of the rank.

LtCMDR is different this is perhaps the slowest rank and is a big drag as you have to grind and spam as many missions as possible Feature Episodes and Exploration are good here if you don't PvP.

Now after the entertaining story mission at Lt CMDR I am at a seemingly faster leveling experience as I have had a good amount of Exp from any mission.

As of right now I can say what the Devs need to pay attention to is not locking the KDF til level 25 it is to take what they have and populate it with story missions that have plot lines within the politics of the Empire. This is perhaps the biggest problem of the faction and bottle-necking them til 25 is no real point. Does that fix anything? No it just cuts the grinding down some it doesn't add PvE missions at all.

But anyways I digress.

To my point.

We as a community should give newcomers the best advice possible in the form of a guide of missions, builds, and farming tips.

This should help clog the bleeding numbers a little and give the people here attention as we should not expect anything from the development team.

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