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09-11-2011, 02:59 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
I think my posts might not have been clear. YOU have nothing to be sorry for. It's a fine idea. And such a good idea that it is being considered. And was on their to do list. And might still be on the back burner somewhere.

But the way the forums are utilized makes this information difficult to maintain and/or share.

It's not you man. Not at all.

Kudos on the idea. It's a cool idea and a lot of other players would like to see it happen too. Sorry if anything I posted made it seem otherwise. I'm just grumpy because every couple of days I see threads pop up that ... well ... could really use some better information sharing, like the forums used to be way back when the game was young and they didn't have all of these strange policies enforced in strange ways.

That's all.

Definitely don't want to derail your thread or your idea.

Creative suggestions are much needed for this game and for this community.
Not at all Superchum,its all good. I just felt out of the loop for not having seen that one. Even though
I've gone a week or so without hitting the forum, usually a good topic stays around for awhile, or
there is several mentions of it throughout which is how I keep up with most of the current ideas.

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