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11-27-2011, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by vitoreen View Post

I hope the movie never gets made.

Anyways..I thought the time line was changed in Star Trek first contact... with the death of the first warp flight...cochran's crew was killed...They may have helped in the formation and ideals of the federation.

cochran being a drunk .. probadly did a ****** job with out his dead crew mates... they were probadly the ones that did most of the work.... and then you have the time line messed up again that abortion called-star trek enterprise-- they should of kept that as a stargate show or something...or send that guy back to quantum leap..yuck
the death of the warp flight! watch the movie again! This is like nemesis a good action movie but not a good star trek movie i agree star trek should go back to its roots, what made it famous, thank to tng it should be like that plus ds9,voyager.

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