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I tried to find this information...but realized that it is going to take a bit of research and maybe I thought it might be a good idea to initiate a collaborative effort....

I know I have seen this before -- basically a comparison of the KDF content to the Starfleet content in terms of hard numbers...but I saw it a while back, so it has probably changed somewhat since then, but I remember seeing a raw comparision of the number of ships available to each faction at each tier, along with a total count of missions between each faction.

Essentially, there has been a lot of talk lately that the KDF is going to be brought up to par with Starfleet...and that is music to my ears...but I was wondering exactly how big a job it might be. I don't think that Cryptic will answer because they are probably way too busy and this kind of question is nothing more than a distraction when they need to focus...and that is okay. Besides, this is more to get a handle on just how much of a job it is likely to be.

I know that we have a large number of people, especially on the KDF side, who have at least some of this information at their fingertips, hence this post. bring us up to speed with Starfleet, what do we need? How many ships of what tier? How many missions? Like many KDF players, I also had a Fed player....and I recall that there was no way that I completed all of the missions -- it simply was not I have no idea how many there really are. Ships are easier -- that is just a matter of looking at the in-game ship store and the C-store and counting numbers.

If anyone out there has some good numbers that we can look at, I would appreciate it. This is mostly to satisfy my own curiosity...and to maybe raise situational awareness -- there is zero intent to turn this into a flame fest...just a rational discussion of the hard numbers and amount of work that might be involved or needed to bring us up to speed.
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09-15-2011, 11:23 AM
I don't have the numbers, but I would offer a word of caution. I know they keep throwing around terms and phrases like "update," "expansion," and "on par with the Federation" when talking about whatever it is they are going to do for the Klingons. However, I think we need to keep our expectations in check. Ideally, we would get an equal number of ships, missions, patrols, DSEs, costumes, and social zones. However, I can't see them doing all of that. All that work would be an entire season or expansion, and I doubt they would sacrifice the resources without making new content for the Federation in the process.
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09-16-2011, 07:37 AM
Well, here's a mission list.

Unlikely we'll ever be truly equal. But I'd settle for close.

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