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Just one Dev, thats all just one, hop in a B'rel, unequip all weapons, cloak and approach any of the Fed npc ships. Now while I will admit that the bridge officer did not cause me to drop cloak when warning me about the transmission, I am still mystified that the event triggers while cloaked at ranges of 10.8 to 11.5k.

Now I was not targeted when the event triggered, unlike what was happening back in January-February, so some things have been fixed in regards to the enhanced cloak and the sorties.

Yes I am aware that there are older posts which cover this, I made a couple of those back in February. But the same issues are still present. This post is in response to the Sept 15 patch notes which address fixes to the B'rel. It still needs more work.

As someone who has been around since beta and has gone through all the growing pains, I dislike the idea of STO going F2P with major bugs. Some of our, people with a vested interest in STO, comments may be a bit tactless when addressing concerns, but I do not relish the idea of people with no vested interest in the game flaming up the forums about bugs when STO goes F2P.

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