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after further investigation i think i know why my direct debit is declined every time.

in my street name, due to i am from GER-EU, there are letters ö ä ü ß that your system is somehow not able to transfer correct.

its like this:

i type at the site: Müllerstraße

your system gets. M/&%llerstra(/&%e

now it trys to compare what it got with my bank acc data and gets : Müllerstraße

conclusion for the system: Mismatch - payment declined.

if i now try to use this: Muellerstrasse

your system gets: Muellerstrasse

but my bank acc still says: müllerstraße

conclusion: mismatch- payment declined.

please update your billing acc server/website accordingly and make the adress match programm slightly more tolerant, on tier2 level:

you get Muellerstrasse from me on website

your system gets it . Muellerstrasse

now it compares with my bank and then Muellerstrasse = Müllerstraße = Mullerstraße

since the problem is caused by the ß letter too, its pretty unpracticable for the german market here, cause 70% of ALL streets end with the word "Straße" ... so you accidentally exclude many many esp. german players from subbing via direct debit ;-)

i already checked if my card was wrong or such, nothing. i tried my other card, where my main-adress is pasted, that has no äöüß, and it worked perfectly fine. (unfortunately this card and bank acc is on its way to be left behind very soon)

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