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go ahead and let me have it, tell me how dumb I am...

First off I"m IndianScout some of you may know me thu Battlefield, PunkBuster, PBBans or Futuremark

those of you that know me, know I'm a stickler for rules and have a great online rep..

so on with the story,

Wife took me into the city a couple days ago for a doctor visit and some shopping, so I decided I would buy Star Trek Online since I'm a trekkie from way back.

So on the way home, in all my excitement and zeal, I rip open the box so I can read up as much as I can about the game, it's a 150 miles going home so man I'm going to read this cover to cover and get the heads up on how to play this game..

Well we get home and I layed the dvd on my computer desk as the wife screamed for help bringing things in, I forget about the dvd box in the car..

I asked the wife today where she put my box I was finally going to install and jump into the Delta Quadrant..

her reply was... "Oh you had the dvd I didn't think you needed the box, so when I cleaned the car I threw it away thinking it was trash"

so my fellow trekkies, here I sit, brand new dvd sitting in the corner of my beautiful 24" LCD and no info, no key no nothing, so it sits there staring at me 24/7 like a bad dream..

pics I must include pics..

so please feel free to call me a bonehead for forgetting my box, or what other name you can think of, I'm gunna get my money's worth out of this dvd one way or another so fire away..

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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09-21-2011, 04:11 PM
I think I will kick this one off by telling you, you got the wrong game.

I saw the picture, and in the picture you have a disk of Star Trek DAC(Deathmatch. Assault. Conquest)

Not Star Trek Online(STO)

So relax! You didn't lose much! Be happy!

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