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# 1 looking for good teammates!
09-19-2011, 12:13 AM
hello all. im in a fleet, but we dont appear to be as active as i'd like to see and i cant really get them to do STF's anymore cause they rather PvP.

so im looking for a few good folks to hang out with every once in a while, kick back, blow stuff up, down a STF a week, work on some achievements and such. and maybe a few times go do PvP in groups. but my focus is more PvE. so does anyone want to chill with this once apon a time beta tester who had many friends and such? im sure we can have fun if so.

@palmera is the addy, my tactical officer is already remade and a fully equiped VA. my Engineer officer is about to hit RA. and my Science officer is cmdr 1.

i have a klingon, but she is just lt6, ill lvl her up some day. i have a ensign borg tactical also, but i gather ill play her some other day.

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