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# 11 just so you know...
10-04-2011, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Devem View Post
Okay, I seemed to have been able to fix this problem. I looked through the forums and read something about "run as admin". That works for me.

Right click the STO.exe and "Run As..." then choose Administration. Enter your admin password and see if that helps you guys. Like I said, worked for me in STO and CO.
You can add a little helpful step here. Right-click the shortcut to STO, and choose 'properties'. Choose the compatability tab, and at the bottom there is a box to check 'Run as Administrator'. Once you do that, everytime you launch it, it will run it the way you want.
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# 12 have you tried a proxy?
10-04-2011, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by 5280
Having the same problem on STO holodeck, and Tribble. Seems to be stuck on "patching" Holodeck. Won't switch to patching tribble. Hitting cancel doesn't work.

If I wait long enough it crashes and asks me to send a ticket to cryptic.

Tried the "run as administrator" no luck

Launcher version CL_2011_09_27_13_08
I'm not sure if a proxy server will help you, but you can try that. Click 'options' on the launch (small link at the top, and choose a proxy server).

Additionally: Inside the options, in the advanced section, add : -console (and click 'Ok')
You can try disabling steam/x-fire , too. Could help, if applicable.

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