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Although I know this is about as possible as me winning the lottery, I'll throw it out there for discussion. As
the majority of players do not know, a great deal of Foundry missions are experiencing intermittent bugs that stop the missions progress and sometimes stop the ability of the players to complete the missions. This has been a huge aggravation to the player and the authors. Of course for the players, they are upset because they spent their time becoming immersed in a story and mission only to have it end prematurely. As the creators of the missions, the authors suffer the results from receiving 1-star ratings and complaints about their mission being broken.

It really is distressing when you put 12 or more hours (some a lot more) into creating Foundry missions to try to add some decent content into the game for others to hopefully enjoy only to have them experience bugs that break them. The Foundry section of the Forums is full of information about these issues. Unfortunately, most of the STO players do not go to the forums, and the ones that do will seldom venture down into the section for the Foundry and it's threads.

Cryptic is hard at work attempting to correct these bug issues the Foundry missions are experiencing. Sadly, it takes time, so in the meantime, we as authors must risk our missions suffering issues and the resulting bad ratings and comments.

What I propose would be a simple thing. When players access Community Authored missions, add a short disclaimer that explains that there are bugs that can possibly affect the Foundry missions and make a note that the issue is not the fault of the author. This at least would make players aware that Foundry authors that have intermittent bugs in their missions are not incompetent. (As some reviews have stated). Almost every Foundry Author has experienced this due to no fault of their own.

Just a thought Cryptic, please consider it.

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