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First, let me say that I love having the Foundry to create missions. I love that I can carve out my own little corner in the Star Trek Universe.

Lately, however, I've come to the realization that creating events from my guild and allies, then hosting them is becoming a bit of bore for me...not because there's anything inherently wrong with the Foundry, but rather because I feel it is lacking something.

Right now, it's not very RP-friendly, in that a Foundry mission is pretty much like any other PvE mission in the's RP on rails. Yes, I can create different choices for players to make, but then it's just a "which-way" adventure.

What I'd love to see is the ability for GM-hosted events in the Foundry where I could spawn mobs at will by calling up the Foundry tools during the mission, or a subset of them. I'd also love to be able to interact with the players by directly controlling NPC dialog rather than scripting the whole thing out, allowing for a more living environment.

Only the person who owns the mission would have this ability, or anyone the GM designates as his assistant GM.

I'd love to be able to host a map I've created in the Foundry, set up the way I want it to look and then spawn an NPC contact, interact with the players via live dialog and then create a new mission objective on the fly based on decisions made by the players on the spot.

That way, I get to have as much fun as the players because nobody knows what's going to happen, while still having GM powers to rein in the players should they get out of hand.
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09-23-2011, 11:07 AM
-Thumbs up-

I co-run an RP guild in this game and GM multiple RP events a month. We use the Foundry to create missions for us to RP in, but it is very limited in its story telling and interation abilities. It would be a great addition for the "Creator" of thission to have a set of editing tools available to him in the instance he is playing. That way, he can act as the GM and his teammates can interact in live time with his changes as they occur.
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09-23-2011, 12:43 PM
I've had some similar feelings about the Foundry--both about its potentials and limitations. I haven't gotten past the testing stage with this, but here's an idea I've been working on.

You can set up a map with a large number of different options--multiple possible NPCs, enemy groups, effects, dialogue trees, etc. You (the GM) enter along with a group. You could either be an actual character (probably the lowest ranking one so you aren't in a position to make decisions) or you could create a special GM character (maybe entirely in black, like the stagehands that change sets in between scenes) that the others need to ignore.

While the regular players are busy with an initial task, you head off to the side where you've placed a load of interactable objects. Each object would offer different options (like make this dialgue tree visible or make another one visible, or make this dialogue option visible and another go away, spawn this NPC or that one, create this effect or another) and you could make choices depending on the actions of the players. You could also occasionally lead them by, say, PM'ing the science officer in the group to let them know that an unusual energy reading appeared on their tricorder.

There isn't anything here that isn't possible in principle. I've played with this on a few maps. I haven't done a full fledged mission this way mostly because I haven't had the time.

Last I heard, there were some problems teaming in Foundry missions. I haven't tested that yet and I don't know if that's an issue that's long been fixed.
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09-23-2011, 03:39 PM
This sort of GM control of foundry missions could be good... but also used to 'grief' players which I know Cryptic is very away of.

I would imagine that this functionality would be wanted in Neverwinter as it is fairly important for the genre but I have no idea if that will be implemented in STO or not.
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09-24-2011, 06:34 PM
This ability was available in Star Wars Galaxies through the storyteller and chronicle master systems...very useful stuff for RP. Griefing is a possibility, but to counter, I would add a leave story command to allow any player to immediately eject themselves from the story.
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09-25-2011, 02:04 PM
I don't see why you just can't set up an RP map now, fill it with a bunch of random enemy groups all hidden and have one of you standing in a control room acting as a "GM" and clicking on triggers to spawn in the hidden mobs for the others.

This is all already possible.

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