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Originally Posted by boglejam View Post
Mind officially blown.

You can now have my tinfoil fedora, as I no longer have a head to wear it upon.
Ego can give one the drive to attempt to succeed if one does not belief one's surpriority too much
Ego can limit one's ability to function well in combat becuase its blinds one to ones own failings.

I have had the luck to experience both many times in PvP.

<rolls hat down one arm and pops it onto head> Nice hat but I would feel wrong taken it. A good hat is alike a fine watch and must be cherished.

Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
Wha?? Dude.. I hope he does in deed get better soon.. I hope it wasn't for something life threatening.
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Did I miss something?! Good Luck from me as well!
All I know is that he was ill from an unexpected ailment and had to go for surgery due to it. As of yet I have heard nothing more. I though a thread had been started in the forums about it, but maybe not.
Once I no more I will pass the news along
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I would like to comment on the function of ego in PvP and gaming in general.
Firstly, Ego is usually a negative force in life and in gaming. The most successful gamers will be able to put their Ego aside and climb the mountain that is the acquisition of skill. Additionally the most successful gamers band together in elite cadres that on the surface might look like Ego devices but are actually ego checking mechanisms. Only in a guild/clan/fleet does one find their highest expression of skill, this goes doubly and triply so for MMOs, especially games like STO that require 3 or more ships to be an effective force.

I respect the OP`s work on relating those ancient texts to STO, while I think more work is required, I salute you and your efforts, it is along these lines that new horizons of STO excellence will be opened.

I will leave you with a quote from another Sci-Fi Universe. "Anger, Fear and Ego, these Three must a Jedi expunge from his character. Always be vigilant, for as you defeat one, the other two shall become stronger" ~Jedi Master Shivananda-Ki

Yours in PvP Excellence Plasma,

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