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02-21-2012, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Darkphenoix
I don't remember any negative comments against the guys work... however I do a remember an atmosphere where the community managers of this game "looked away" whenever his work was mentioned. Unfortunately too many questions in too short a period of time on these forums meant that it could no longer be ignored and the Community managers were forced to "clarify" the rules set out in the TOS/EULA regarding third party modifications. In response the person in question took the site down, purely to protect his game and forum account against any official action that could have been taken.

A real shame, especially as some of the work he had done with his mods for the game (at the time) were fantastic, I believe that his sector space mod helped spur on and inspire the devs to change sector space in to what we have now.
Not just his sector space mod, but also his door fixes and first-person shooter mode hack. Basically, he did a lot towards helping shape the game how it is now, and the community and developers did nothing but give him crap for it.

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