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Recently I found the trade window lacking important information - it somehow creates a "gap of trust" one has to cross when directly trading with another player.

I sold a BOFF and both of us - me and my customer - had to put a lot of trust in on another.
He could not see the specifics of the Officer I was selling and I could only see the last digits of his payment.
So, he could not see, if the Officer was the one I advertised and I could not see if he was about to give me the full amount of energy credits.

Therefore, mouse over should work for items in direct trading and also the correct amount must either be able to be displayed in full in the window itself or in a seperate popup by mousing over the only half displayed amount.

For now, we all have payed accounts, LTS even - in a few months such "security issues" will be less accepatble, as players will not depend on a paid account and can more or less easily switch to a new one should they be declared outcasts by the players or even banned by GMs.
Not that F2P-Users are a bunch of evil frauds, but it does make it easier for gold sellers - who are already returning to STO - as can be seen by the reappearing "zone ads" in the chat.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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09-27-2011, 12:41 PM
Just one of the many areas that have needed cleaning up for quite sometime. Dealing with BOffs, whether on the exchange, training, or trading is way too difficult.

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