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  • Removed Regeneration from Borg Transwarp Gateways in the STF's.
  • Repositioned the Gateways in the systems so they no longer fall outside of the shields.
  • The collision and hit box for the Borg Transwarp Gateways in the STF's have been updated.
  • The UGC Daily and Red Alert Daily Mission now require a minimum level of 10.
    • Players can still access the red alert maps and UGC missions, but they cant access the Daily until level 10.
  • The "Random Loot" reward item players earn from Red Alert and UGC Dailies now auto-unpack into your inventory. You no longer need to use an item to get your actual item.
  • Original Series Constitution-class blue phaser beam arrays have been updated so that they are no longer unique and do not have an equip limit.
    • Also updated their descriptive text so that it no longer specifies that only one of each (fore and aft) may be used at a time.
  • The 500 day veteran reward no longer offers 250 emblems as a reward.
  • Fixed several critter group cannons that were not displaying FX properly.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the power "Reroute Power to Shields".

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