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# 1 A History Of STO PvP
09-29-2011, 11:32 PM
I stumbled upon the Klingon content time line thread a while back and thought, someone should do that for PvP. Since PvP has gotten far less content updates than the Klingon faction since launch. The follow will be as many tidbits of information, quotes and more I can dig up from patch notes, interviews, engineering reports and ask cryptic's as I can find.

Articles of Interest
August 13th 2008 - Eurogamer Posts Details of PvP - "Players will compete for territory and resources in the Neutral Zone, a "competitive PVE" (player-versus-environment) area where consensual player battles are an option. No-holds-barred PVP will take place in certain outer reaches of space.

December 19th 2009 - Warcry article detailing PvP to include Klingon vs Klingon as well as Fed vs Fed (even though it came much much later after launch) - "Players can engage in team vs. team, Federation vs. Klingon, Klingon vs. Klingon and Federation vs. Federation combat."

Ask Cryptic, Engineering Reports & Patch Notes
Ask Cryptic September 2008 - All space PvP would include ground PvP locations with it. - "Where you can PvP in space, you will be able to PvP on the ground. There will be open PvP ground locations, and perhaps instanced PvP locations.

Ask Cryptic June 2009 - Open PvP planned in Neutral Zone for launch - "Most of the PvP takes place in the Neutral Zone; if you’re in the dead center of the Neutral Zone, you’ve consented to PvP."

Feburary 11th 2010 Patch - Queue Filtering added post launch for PvP & various small fixes

Ask Cryptic PvP Edition / April 2010 - "It is something we have been planning. We would like to have open and persistent PvP ground and space maps - a front line if you will. Currently, our priority is to focus on new instanced games. So at this point, we have no ETA on when you can expect this." - Counter to the June 09' Ask Cryptic open persistent PvP zones went from being in game (Neutral Zone) to being planned. Team size also mentioned to be more than 5 but we've never gotten that expanded in almost two years.

March 2010 Engineering Report - PvP Queue Updates (fixes?), and issues with Kerrat. - "PvP Queues in Testing. Objective griefing on the Borg Hunt PVP maps".

March 4th 2010 Patch - variou small PvP fixes / queue fixes.

March 24th 2010 Patch - Wargames added to enable Fed vs Fed, Klingon vs Klingon and the new ground map Shanty Town added and various tweaks & fixes (note this is the only pvp map added, in almost two years)

March 24th 2010 - Season 1 aka "45 Day Patch" releases Shanty Town ground pvp map. The last new pvp map we've gotten on Holodeck.. - "Explore “Shanty Town,” a brand new Ground Assault map available for both Klingon and Federation players."

April 2010 Engineering Report - PvP exploit / bug, and scoreboard fixes. - "PVP Map exploit and bug fixes In Testing. PVP scoreboard fixes In Testing."

April 29th 2010 Patch - small chunk of pvp fixes, tweaks and polish

April 2010 Engineering Report Part Deux - Team queue bug fixes and match fixes. - "PVP Queue Teaming Bugs & PVP Match and Balance Bugs Under Investigation"

May 2010 Engineering Report - Same As Above.. - Same bug fixes still there a month later, though at least there's some progress.

June 2010 Engineering Report - Empty PvP Map Issue. - "Empty PVP maps Under Investigation".

July 2010 Engineering Report - Incorrect tooltip and numbers on gear. - "PVP Rewards not displaying proper numerics".

July 27th 2010 Patch - Kerrat added (still kinda buggy to this day, various fixes added to pvp

August 2010 Engineering Report - big PvP "Challenge System" update, the new custom private queues, mix / matching the teams, etc. - "The new PVP challenge system is an example of this. We recognized that PVP was in a scary state after the release of Season Two, and instead of rushing out a temporary solution, we've been working to deliver an improved Queue and Challenge system."

August 2nd 2010 Patch, pvp queues stability slightly fixed, they'd been buggy for a while

August 19th 2010 Patch, new Challenge system added, probably the biggest (and only real) boon to PvP thus far, custom games, various team sizes, mixing factions, kill counts, etc.

August 2010 Ask Cryptic - question for new PvP maps. Answer said more were on the way... but that was over a year ago.. - "There is a strike-team working directly on fixing the issues with PVP maps and the PVP-Queues. We’ve been promising fixes forever and we just need to get it done and make it work right. We have gone back to the drawing board in some places and completely rewritten parts of the queues in order to address concerns and add functionality. As part of that we will be focusing on ensuring that we have several awesome PVP maps for players to play and then retire maps that players don’t like. There’s no definite timeframe on when you’ll see new PVP maps, but the entire PVP system is actively being worked on."

September 2010 Engineering Report - More bug fixes, and a tiny feature update in being able to right click someone to start the pvp queue.. - "Allowing ability to right click invite players to a PVP challenge In Development".

October 2010 Engineering Report - lots of bug fixes, the ability to ignore pvp invites. Most just fixes..

October 2010 Ask Cryptic - PvP "racing" question, and more Accolades to tide over PvPers?. - "While not specifically Accolades, the software team is working on the earliest implementation of PVP Leaderboards which we hope to introduce soon so that you can track basic Win/Loss ratios across a set period of time. We hope to expand on this once we get the tech in place."

November 2010 Engineering Report - continuation of bug fixes, challenge system continues to be fleshed out and pvp "rewards" added. - "PVP Rewards Under Investigation, Adding the ability to ignore PVP invites In Development, etc".

November 2010 Ask Cryptic, Season 3 related PvP question and answered. Sadly it's almost been a year since this one, and no further maps added, and the "open" pvp map they discuss was briefly on Tribble before being yanked for massive nerfing. - "We have no official PVP updates planned for Season 3 as we are primarily focused on the Foundry. We are however working on some Open PVP map tech and I wouldn't be surprised to see us release an Open PVP zone in the near future. We are also working on ways to incorporate new PVP maps into future content updates."
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09-29-2011, 11:38 PM
December 5th 2010 Patch - various fixes and tweaks

Janurary 2011 Engineering Report - More bug fixes and again we're told of more maps in "the long term", seeing as how we're four months off from being one year since this particular Report.. just how exactly "long term" are we talking about? Years?. - "Daily PVP Reward Balance In Development, PVP wrap up screens closing too quickly In Testing, etc"

Feburary 2011 Engineering Report - Queue fix for PvP matches not starting, and the beginnings for the tease of open ground combat arenas on places like Vulcan or Andoria etc (also creeping up on almost a year, did these ever make it to "In Testing?". - "Adding open PVP melee areas to social maps (Andoria, Vulcan, Qo'noS, Rura Penthe) In Design Discussions, PVP Maps not starting properly (this should be resolved now) Under Investigation, etc"

Febuary 2011 Ask Cryptic - A few mentions of tweaks and more of the "long term" type mentions, Weaponsmiths? Ground arenas? The new pvp "map" (singular) thats been delayed a lot etc.. . - "The melee weapon improvements being discussed at the moment are related to lirpas, ushan knives, and batleths. We want to see these items added to the game by way of special weaponsmiths, and then we want to get the open PVP arenas working on Andor, Qo'noS, and Vulcan so you can fight (where you are restricted to melee weapons only).. and The next PVP map will be related to a zone we are making for an upcoming Feature Episode series. No firm date on when that map will be converted to a PVP map yet, but its on the table for our next schedule update."

March 2011 Engineering Report - More of the same from above, Ground Arenas, New PvP map(s), etc.

March 2011 Ask Cryptic - Mention of some Shuttle PvP, one of the first mentions of Territorial battles and another mention of Andoria having an open pvp ground combat arena.

April 2011 Engineering Report - Again more of the same, more pvp maps "long term", etc. - "Repurposing some Feature Episode maps as new PVP maps"

May 2011 Ask Cryptic - Some.. less than stellar words about PvP's current holdings in STO - "Admittedly, there has been a lack of PVP support in STO since Season 1, and many would say that PVP is not STO's strong point. Over the last seasons we have been slowly working towards improving the system by way implementing a new PVP queue and the ability to create private PVP challenges. As we move forward, the goal is to work in PVP versions of maps as we do Feature Episode series. So look for something new towards the end of the next series."

May 2011 Engineering Report - Pre-Season 4, ground combat changes. Not solely for PvP but a small boon to revitalize ground combat. Still no new maps. "New PVP Map with Feature Episode Series 4"

June 2011 Ask Cryptic - More hints for pvp content for Season 4... "Yes. We plan some PVP love during Season 4, and more specifically Open PVP areas if we can get the tech and rewards ironed out."

June 2011 Engineering Report - New ground combat, and the Fed vs Klingon "open" pvp, which was very self contained in one tiny instance and very one sided since it was extremely easy to spawn camp, quickly removed from Tribble.. "The KDF will not only gain access to new and additional sectors, but their patrol missions will now be spread out throughout the game zones. I’m also very happy to announce that these new KDF Deepspace patrols will be OPEN FvK PVP. So Klingons, if you want to raid those transports near Fed Space – you’re going to have to be on the lookout for Fed players who can now challenge your ability to complete these missions."

July 2011 Ask Cryptic - Brief mention of Klingons getting content with the Open PvP, though it was not currently on Tribble for any further testing after it's first brief appearance. "new locale flavored neighborhood missions for social zones, OpenPVP Encounters, and four new Fleet Actions (1 exclusive ground and space FA for each faction). So yes. We absolutely plan to release some great new content to show off the new combat updates in Season 4. All of this content is currently scheduled to release at various stages in Season 4 between now and October." (Note, October begins in a few days, still waiting on that open pvp to be fixed and re-added..)

July 7th 2011 Season 4 Patch, new ground combat, weapons redone, etc. Not one specific PvP addition

July 2011 Engineering Report - some balance issues for ground, and the first tiny detail of the "new map" that's been touted for almost a year now, a ground map based on a "King of the Hill" style gameplay.. "New PVP Map with Feature Episode Series 4 (King of the Hill) In Design Discussions"

August 2011 Ask Cryptic - the big question finally asked, why no PvP love, answer? No specific reason. "There is no great answer for “why”, but I can say that we do plan to introduce PVP maps as part of our Feature Episode Series moving forward due to continual community requests for more maps. This is being worked into the schedule so that it gets done.

August 2011 Engineering Report - last current Engineering Report since we have yet to get one for September 2011 and October is just a couple days away. Same stuff as the last three Reports.

September 2011 Ask Cryptic - Now that Cryptic Studios is owned by Perfect World, how will PvP fare in the future?.. Again a few promises but nothing to show for it as of yet. They mention wanting "factional warfare!" but they themslves have said only 18% of the current playerbase even has a Klingon character. - "ne of the refreshing questions we get from our new parent company Perfect World is, “What about PVP?” Up to this point, PvP has not been high on the radar as a place where we could spend our limited design resources. We’ve certainly talked about it and mentioned our desires to deliver on the fact that the Federation and Klingon Empire are at war. We really want some sort of faction based warfare game to be a central part of that conflict. So far it is looking like this will be one of our big focuses for 2012 as PW is very keen on having solid PvP at end game so that players have challenging and compelling replayable content while they are waiting for the next episode series or expansion."

Where do we go next? Total PvP Additions Since Launch and Headstart: Challenege / Queue System, Shanty Town.
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# 3
09-29-2011, 11:40 PM
reserved for future additions
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# 4
09-29-2011, 11:53 PM
Thanks, mavgeek! That's a good list.

Let's hope we can keep the flaming to a minimum to keep the thread going.
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09-29-2011, 11:56 PM
Depressing read. I really hope they not only get the resources needed to get PvP into better shape, but that they also have a plan to make the KDF population healthy enough to actually warrant factional PvP.

By the way great job mavgeek.
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# 6
09-30-2011, 12:25 AM
nice work mav. it seens that they have not given the love back when it comes to PVP.
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# 7
09-30-2011, 12:34 AM
Nice list mavgeek. More than anything else, that caught my eye, was repeating fact "Yes we know that PvP did not get any additions and is not in best shape, we want to ..." but nothing was done. Coming from someone that is here since open beta.

Keep it civil people.
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# 8
09-30-2011, 01:22 AM
I vote for sticky. After all...this is one of the most comprehensive PvP posts since game launch.

I see no reason why Cryptic wouldn't post this progress unless they're humiliated by the results.

Cryptic - wouldn't this be the summary of PvP correspondence? I have to assume that if you don't sticky this then you've failed at PvP.

Oh really? You're not going to sticky this? I'd love to hear why. Is there a reason why we should give you the benefit of the doubt?

*edited for derogatory language*
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# 9
09-30-2011, 02:13 AM
Originally quoted post was edited!
You shouldn't hate, because hate is a negative emotion that only leads to more suffering for all involved.
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09-30-2011, 02:15 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
You shouldn't, because hate is a negative emotion that only leads to more suffering for all involved!
I edited that one. Hate is strong word
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