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10-03-2011, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by Nishka
I'm especially concerned with lacking sufficient time to unlock the tier 3 Doff rewards. Leveling to 51 isn't too hard (already at 32 with casual leveling last weekend), but after 51 the next trick is having to level up those skills to tier 3. Apart from diplomacy that seems nearly impossible, considering how little exp we get on those.
I am already at 400 Diplomatic XP with just about 16 hours of Gameplay in this week. The key to grinding diplomacy XP for me has been to get the freebies to get the 160 to Attache. Once I get to tier 1, then I get a team together with at least 1 other person and we hit the star cluster missions. If you both have Hromi cluster, then 1 person goes in on his mission and the team follows. Once the mission is done, the next person does theirs and it goes on.

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