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# 1 DOFF Feature Requests
10-05-2011, 07:33 AM
Things I'd like to see added/changed in the DOFF system (some of which may already be on the way).

1. I'd like to see more diversity in assignment duration. Right now the majority of missions are either 30m-1h, or 3d, with a sprinkling of 1d's in there. I'd like to see more in the multi-hour range, and some longer than 3d. Spice it up.

2. I'd like my DOFFs to grow over time. Either by hand (they earn points that I spend on them like BOFFs), or randomly (they have a crit success or failure and maybe gain a trait or ability). This is my crew, I'd like them to grow and change so I can become attached to them. Give me assignments that allow me to send them off for training, let me turn my generic security guy into a tactical guy, etc.

3. More control over their coming and going (I'm pretty sure some variation of this is already on the way). I want to transfer them to other folks, or have them transfer in. I'd like to rescue a ship full of el Aurians as their ship is exploding. I'd like some random person from a planet to fall in love with my first officer and choose to stay aboard. Obviously I also expect packs of them to be available via the C-Store and other such mechanisms, but give us DOFFs for achievements we've earned, give them as rewards for quests, etc. The sky is the limit here, have fun with it.

4. Honestly, the having to travel sector-to-sector is a bit tedious. Worf was sent off on his bat'leth tourney in a shuttle, Picard/Wesley flew to get Wesley tested. Give us a list, let us dispatch folks around, include travel time in the duration if you wish, but it over-complicates things to make us fly around.

5. Having the missions "static" (everyone in the sector sees the same one) is a bit unrealistic. It should be random for each player in the sector, or at least vary based upon the branch the Capt is in, the type of ship, their rank, etc.

6. I'm sure this is coming as well, but I'd like to see a *LOT* more diversity in mission type. I want to send someone off to a bat'leth tourney. I want to send the son of one of my crew off to SFA. I want to drop folks off on Risa. I want my Andorian crewmen to need to go home to duel, my Vulcan crewmen to have to go home for Pon Farr or to get married. Again, the sky's the limit.

7. I want to convert BOFFs to DOFFs. I want to right click on them in the Assignment screen and "Assign to Duty Roster". They join the DOFF system as the colour (white, green, blue, purple) they are, with all the traits they have or would logically have for who they are (vulcan = logical, bajoran = emotional, etc). We have lots of ways to get BOFFs, they *ARE* part of the crew, let us put them in the DOFF system.

Great work so far, this is what STO's needed for a long time. Thank you for your efforts.

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