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I am pleased to note that missions all scale with level now. This alone should make life easier for Klingons by expanding out viable replay options.

Now I have a handful of proposed changes to wrapper missions, such as the Klingon "Destroy 100 turrets" and the various "Most dangerous game" missions, as well as several new ones.

- First of all, these should scale with level now since it is no longer typically possible to outlevel mission content without assisting a lower level player. (And if you're doing this, it's desirable social behavior.)

- Second, I'm going to suggest decreasing the cooldown on wrapper missions to 60 minutes, up from 19 hours. The way I see it, these are behavioral reinforcers for a faction above and beyond being a daily boost. Treating them this way would help provide each faction with flavor.

- Third, I'd propose the addition of distinct wrapper missions to both sides of the game. For example, give the Federation wrapper missions for things like scanning 100 anomalies or discovering 5 rare particle traces whereas KDF-side could gain wrapper missions for things like crafting 10 weapons.

- Fourth, use wrapper missions to reinforce and augment game mechanics. The crafting wrapper missions, for example, could come with crafting skill boosts.
-- A dabo wrapper mission could perhaps have a Ferengi hire you to test the probability of the dabo wheel. Here's where the trick gets fun. There are two objectives. One is to win nothing at Dabo 10 times. The other is to get a true dabo 10 times. Completing either fails the other objective. Winning 10 times awards you skillpoints and a prize sack from a distraught Ferengi. Losing 10 times gets you some amount like 1000 Latinum. This effectively evens out losing streaks and turns Dabo from a currency conversion into a more proper form of gambling.

- Fifth, use wrapper missions to highlight game mechanics for players. For example, "Complete a profession-specific optional objective." This causes players to become aware that these exist and look for them, as well as providing bonus rewards for completing them.

- Sixth, I'd propose getting rid of overly generic wrapper missions like the "explore 3 clusters" in favor of specific wrapper missions like "scan 10 artifacts" or "defeat 5 Klingon/nausicaan/Orion ships." This makes a huge impact on exploration because you are NO LONGER trying to complete an obligatory X missions. Instead, you are USING exploration to LOOK FOR THINGS on a checklist. This could apply Klingon-side as well, with wrappers for Empire Defense having you specifically look for things like a D'deridex. You move from general mandates towards using exploration and empire defense as tools to finding things from a checklist of wrapper missions.

- Seventh, and this may be longer term... Apply distinctive reward categories to each wrapper mission. So, for example, the wrapper mission for completing profession-specific objectives awards a random level appropriate kit. Reward categories/tiers could be applied for both winning dabo 10 times and getting a dabo 10 times (which incidentally means that your experience and rewards are shaped by streaks of winning and losing at dabo, deepening the complexity of that mechanic). This will cause people to go out and look for certain kinds of activity based on what they want to accomplish... and I think could also aid in developer content production by encouraging developers to, in addition to content like Featured episodes, design content to fill different needs and niches for types of activity, such as missions designed to have more enemy turrets or missions designed to have more profession objectives.

That's all.
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10-01-2011, 04:29 PM
Yes, by all means... I support engancing. Engance away.
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10-01-2011, 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by boglejam View Post
Yes, by all means... I support engancing. Engance away.
Ugh. Registance is fugile. You will be aggimilated.
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10-01-2011, 11:55 PM
I actually really like these ideas.

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