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# 1 F2P Feed Back Pt. 1 Lvl 1-6
10-03-2011, 10:03 AM
I'm finally able to post in the tribble fourms, yay!

This is an unbiased review of the F2P conversion.
1. The new UI. I really do not like the changes here. It seems big a bulky, more than 40% of my screen is taken up here. I am trying to modify the setting to compensate for this; however this is to no avail. My recommendation on this is to give us the option to choose which UI we decide to use. I think the new UL would look fantastic on a 27Ē+ monitor, but on my little 20 in, it can clutter the screen.

2. Starting the game at lvl 1. I think this goes without saying, the fed tutorial needs to be changed before the game goes live. There are a ton of things wrongs with this, both canon wise and gameplay wise. The text from the EMH is flat and dry. The fact that there are arrows pointing a player to where they need to be is tacky. As far as canon goes, there is no way a fleet of Mirandas could ever take on a Borg cube, even a damaged one. I hope the new Starfleet Academy tutorial is online when the game goes live. A lot of people will be turned off by the current tutorial.

3. Heading out, lvl 2-6. The starting missions are both fun and engaging. Giving players a feel for both the combat side of the game, and the diplomatic side of the game. This is good for players that are new to the game, that way they see that the game is now just pew pew. There are some buggy cut scenes though. I am pretty sure the ambassador would have lost his lunch on the shuttle launch from Vulcan. (Say that 5 times fast) The shuttle kept rocking back and forth and looked like a toy.

4. Combat- Ground. The new X C configuration rocks, however we need to be able to low walk while proned. I love how we can dive if we are running and press C. I do not know if this was in the first GC build on holodeck, but it is awesome.

5. Combat- Space. The new shield effects are nice; it lets me know which shield to focus on without having to look at the ships stats. The Miranda seems to be slower than I remember, (of course coming off a Refit Defiant, this is understandable.) There are really not a lot of changes to space to report.

6. Gamepad Key binds. This needs a lot of love. I can play champs while barely using my keyboard. In sto Iím trying to use both in combat. Iím not a native computer gamer (the only games on my computer that I play are RTS games like Civ, and C&C. Sto is the first game on my computer that requires fast paced reflexes. With my Xbox controller this is not an issue, but trying to do both at once will get me killed in PVP. Please fix this before it goes live. Some of the issues are a simple as not being able to access powers 7-0 on the controller, and not being able to hit the second bar of powers. Both of which I can do in champs.

7. Voiceovers. There are not enough of them, and while some are nicely done, others just do not fit their character . For example the Ambassador from the Píjem mission. He does not sound anything like a Vulcan. (I know, heís not, but 8472 mimicked Boothby perfectly.) The Klingon from the Doomsday device (not there on tribble yet, but need a point of reference) is very nicely done.
This is my first review of STO from the F2P shard. My next one will cover the new Duty officer system, and the dilithium system.

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