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Ok so I am trying to level to Lt. Commander to start on the Doff system. Doing the Donia system patrol. Its all Gorn frigates.

That mining laser fx is kinda cool at the beginning but rapidly becomes annoying. When you are getting blasted by 2 or 3 beams of it from different frigates you can quickly see your ship become obscured. It makes it hard to navigate when you don't know which way you may be turning because you can't see your ship. It needs to be toned down or something.

It probably isn't a problem for the veterans like me who have a good feel for what is going on but new players who still may need the visual cues of seeing ther ships move to know they turned the right way will have a terrible time with tihs. Please considering toning it down some.
Lt. Commander
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10-03-2011, 10:24 AM
+! for this... it's not even immersive at all, I could understand if it was used as a background effect on an NPC ship near an asteroid, but it should not be in a default weapon slot for an enemy ship.. the effect is ok, but as the OP stated it quickly gets old, and part of the space benefits is to see your customized ship, and when it's hidden, what's the point? my 2c
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10-03-2011, 05:15 PM
Glad I found this post because the Gorn mining laser graphics is absolutely irritating. It is like the ship is shooting a smoke screen at me. the orange chunks flying around make no sense and all it is doing is obscuring my vision. Fortunately, I set my phaser to auto, so they keeping hitting the target, but I have to use the PT icon to know when I am facing the target (wait till it goes active), and then shoot blind. The graphics is just a poor excuse for a lack of imagination.

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