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Yesterday evening, I was looking forward to completing 7 DO assignments, some of which took 2-3 days to complete. Thus, I was eager to see what the rewards were...

Today I logged into the game and yes, the assignments were complete, however:
- The only reward that was given was a failed trade mission
- Most of my DO's are now in sickbay (read: shore leave) for 2.5 days... (this is VERY annoying, since I can't progress in any mission at all...)
- No CXP rewards, except for the Trade mission.
- Duty roster still reports them as being on an assignment!!

I implore you to please consider the two issues:
- Decrease the chance that DO's belong in sickbay, or at least decrease their time in there, especially if you have a small crew!
- Fix the reward system!

Screenshot #1: No rewards
Screenshot #2: Sickbay (1: 3x DO, 2: 2x DO, 3: 3x DO, 4: 3xDO)

Ticket #17.854

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