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# 1 Think Bike!!!
10-05-2011, 10:34 AM
My last one got ripped outta here by an admin, so lets see if this one makes it a bit longer. Being a rider myself, and having been hit and hospitalized by cagers (car drivers), I cannot spread the word enough about motorcycle safety.

NOTE: While there ARE scenes of motorcycle accidents on this video, there are NO graphic or bloody images. Which is what got my other one pulled. This stuff NEEDS to be spread as much as possible so less lives are lost. I have buried 4 other riders that were my friends in the last 2 years. It needs to end...and end now.

As you watch this, put yourselves in the little boy's shoes while he looks for his father. This here is one of the very few videos EVER to get an emotional response out of me. But being a rider as well as a father of 5 kids, the part towards the end of this video tore me apart and had my crying like a 2yr old. And I am a 40yr old combat veteran.

So think about that when your texting or talking on your phone while driving. PLEASE, pull over, or turn it off. You never know who's life you may change just to answer that txt or phone call.

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