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I've been playing STO now for some months, having leveled 2 feds to VA and have always liked crafting. Often I like to grind samples ready for my next rank so I can pimp my new shiny ship properly when getting it.

For a while now I've been trying out klingon side of the game up to captain rank, and it literally has taken me 2-3 times more doing exploration that on fed side. Even while there's more competition in fed exploration sectors it still doesnt feel as much of a grind as in klingon side. Feds also get a lot more samples from doing storylines that klingon side currently lacks off.

First problem with klingon exploration sectors is split tiers. Right from first sector you get aprox. 50/50 tier 1/2 samples. That makes starting crafting difficult because you need both level your research skill and get schematics with the tier 1 samples. You really cant afford buying 10k ec schematics for first few ranks.
I think this could easily be balanced by 'enter sector as *rank*' style, that would say on nub level make tier1/2 ratio something like 75/25, while on next rank 25/75.

Another problem is the design of the sectors, all klingon exploration sectors seem to be exactly similar. Anomalys are sparse, with only one bigger cluster on one corner. Not to mention that one bugged(?) anomaly that is exactly same place in every exploration sector that spawns 2-3 times a minute. Macroers and botters seem to love sitting there for hours.

Klingon exploration could also benefit having similar mission as the feds have, scan 5 anomalies. Maybe make it a bit more klingon style, 'kill feds protecting research sites and download research data', or something similar.

Oh and I also hate the bugged(?) anomalies in system encounters that you cant really see unless you're within 20km from them. Anomalies in systems/planets could also drop a bit more, often you only get 1-2 samples from them.

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