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Perhaps this has been suggested before, but what would you think to branching the different types of Bridge officers out to reflect the departments Duty Officers are in (Security, Tactical, Science, Medical, Engineering, Operations)? Tactical Team and Boarding Party become Security, Medical Tricorder becomes a Medical power etc.

What would be the benefits and drawbacks? Would it be to confusing? Could it be extended to player captains as well? How would ships be affected?

What are your thoughts?
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RP-wise, I'm already differentiate my bridge officers into these (sub-)departments and was positively surprised to see a more detailed classification in the duty officer system.

For the moment, I'm happy with the three basic player classes. Imho however, additional career classes (Tac, Sec, Med, Sci, Eng, Ops [and Command?]) could qualify for some future great project. My suggestion is: yes, but let's wait for it some years because there are more pressing issues at the moment.
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10-25-2011, 07:36 PM
I'm hoping that with the implementation of the duty officer system and the eventual creation of a first officer position, the next item on the agenda will be assigning bridge officers as department heads. (Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief of Security, Operations Officer, ect.)

Once that gets implimented and the foundry gets an appropriate update, then you'll finally see that command structure we've all come to know and love in Star Trek.

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