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I have been cautiously optimistic about this game, and I have defended the company, and felt justified in doing so, up until the F2P announcement, and the number of "changes" that are being presented on tribble at the moment.

However, this compounds the already ridiculous decision to lock mission progression into a canned path.

Now, even if I did want to do nothing but exploration missions, I cant, well, I technically can, once a day.

This is a mistake, and I am afraid that as others have posted, if these design changes are implemented as is, and decisions of this nature continue to be made, then you will lose players. Subscribers and free to play people when they come on board.

I love this game, as it is on holodeck. And you guys were doing great things, feature episodes, neat rewards, the borg invasion has become a great event...

Now... I feel as if we are being railroaded into this.

This is actually a poor way to do business. just some key points to bring up.

For a long time we, the community, have been told that c-store prices would go down, yet, they up.

Now, if we actually want to get a new ship at level up, we have the option of paying for it in game, after grinding exploration missions, and other DL granting missions, or, we can pay for it with real money, which is ridiculous.

we were promised that if we bough cstore points, that we would get an equivalent amount of test points, we did not.

I feel, as a loyal player since the beta, that this is a betrayal of my trust and support. I am sure that others feel the same way.

I understand having to make money, I understand the bottom line. However, I personally feel that you are going about it in the wrong way.

Although I know that this post will most likely be read, and relegated to archives, and that this request will probably fall on deaf ears.

Do not send these changes live, unless you have a plan that will treat subscribers and gold members better.

At this point, I will most likely stop testing on tribble, and spend my time levelling my alts on holodeck up, so that when this does go live as is, so I wont have to deal with it.

But as a concerned player, please do not allow the bean counters to ruin a great game with greater potential.

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