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KDF Tutorial: Issues and Concerns

Location: Quo'noS

  • Kev, a Bajoran Starfleet science officer informs me Jímpok is hailing me. This may be due to me not assigning any crew.

  • Jímpok gives me a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and informs me I can take a new ship yet I do not have the resources or anything with which to purchase it.

  • The camera angle in the Shipyardís transporter room either clips, showing the exterior, or bounces around, making several quick camera moves back and forth.

  • The tutorial is about two to three missions too long. Kindly trim out some sections since all you are doing is running around.

Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.

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