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Welcome to the BroadcastUGC thread. Home of live foundry playthrough event hosted by Galactrix and myself (Bazag).

Every week me, myself and Galactrix here play through a foundry mission live on Foundry TV, also known as .

We do this at 3pm PDT/6PM EDT/11pm BST Friday nights and 8am AEST saturday mornings. So far we have played through...

Rejak's Retribution - Part 1
DenizenVI's Spectre of the Past
Leviathan99's Yesterday is Tomorrow
and Alien_de_jour's Krios Falling.

You will be able to watch our upcoming episodes via Cerberusfilm's Youtube channel at

In addition thanks to RogueEnterprises and Captain PF Dennis we have a new segment that featured in our latest playthrough of Krios Falling called Bitesize UGC. In it Rogue Enterprise and PF Dennis do a quick review of XDevNull's Prudential Use of Violence.

Please come and participate in the show by joining us live in the livestream chat channel. We also have a twitter account @broadcastugc which you call follow if you're interested in keeping up to date with what is happening on the show.

If you have a mission that you would like us to have a go at please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. There are many options.. including in-game mail to @Galactrix or @Bazag, our twitter account @broadcastugc or even our email address Maybe just maybe (alright practically gauaranteed) we will play your mission on the show.

I hope you will come and support the show by watching live, or via youtube and tell your friends about it.


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