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1. make toon.
2. doing all the running a round the first city missions.. SKIP NOTHING!
3. DO the Path to 2409 and Lore of the empire missions on the plaza in front of the council chambers.
At this point you should be checking in with the Chacellor for your promotion to LtC
(remember you have to talk to him TWICE)
3. Take the T'ong LtC explore T'Ong Nebula, and explore D'kel star cluster dallies, and take the Empire defence missions for the Khalass expanse fighting federation ships.. By the way this IS a cakewalk, The Exploration missions may be a little bit harder if you get ground missions as your away team and you are running around in Mk-II gear. Consider running some extra mission to get some drops.. aim specificly for space combat missions where you have the advantage so you can hopefully get some ships engines, shields and sensor drops that you can vendor for ECreds. You need the money to go to the vendors and pick up white quality wepons, shields and armor for yourself and your away team. If you have a Federation toon you may consider sending them on a shopping trip to send you via ingame mail anything else you need.

Once you have compleated the two exploration daylies and the Khalass expance you should have recieved your promotion to COMMANDER.. and with the stippend from the chancellor and the dilithium from the 3 missions you have done have the Dilithium to pick up your T-3 ship. Use any remaining Dilithium you have to pick up an additional Bridge officer as you'll need on for your T-3 ship. ANd you'll want em for your away team so you dont have to use the AI Beck.

As of yet you cannot retrain BOFF"s a qo'nos (at klleast I couldn't!) from the NPC though if you have the resourses you can recuit extra BO's and use them to retrain your BO's in the skills you want them to have.

With a little bit of luck you should have Mk V-VI weapons and gear on your ship and crew even if its while quiality gear. You should now be ready to take the Bringing down the house mission if you haven't allready and begin your progression through the ranks.

Remember to do your daylies, and do your DOFF missions. There are massive holes in the KDF experience right now and that cannot be helped. More content is coming and we will likely see it before F2P goes live so just hang in there.

I may add more to this guide later as I go forth and make my own mistakes..

Do event missions when ever you can. The KDF academy one can get you extra DOFF's and the KDF missior can get you more DIlithium and some spiff ships equipment. Tour the Galaxy can get you more Ecreds. And if your into doing the crafting the Multiphasic event substantially increases what you get from scanning anomalies.

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# 2
10-07-2011, 11:17 AM
Interesting, most of the exploration sectors and defense missions were not offering me dilithium last night when I played.
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10-07-2011, 12:51 PM

DILITHIUM awards start at Lt. Commander. finish the first city missions. Its easy mode and there for a reason so stop bing silly and just do it.

White quality Disruptor assult Miniguns are availible at Ganalda Space Station along with much of the other white level gear you'll need to get you through if you don't wish to craft or purchase better quality toys before general rank.

Additional on exploration mission dilithium: The missions that award this start AT Lt. Commander...

When doing story line missions you may need to check the NEW interface to turn these in. SOme of the mission flow is a little borked from alack of automation and integration into the new interface. File bug reports when you find these so we can get them fixed!

If you skip any of the steps I listed in my lead post for this thread your just being stubborn for no reason. I have heard the complaints in Zone chat in first city about how borked it all is. Well, the complainers are right, it IS borked!

There is also nothing to be done about it right now. The Devs know they need to generate KDF content ASAP ansd they are doing that (If they aren't ... well... that would just be beyond understanding...It simply needs to be done and as fast as humanly possible.. maybe even a little faster) BUT it is NOT ready now.. untill it is we KDF types will just have to soldier on with what we have.. And we all need to share our discoveries of work arounds and ways to make it a little easier.. After all as KDF the goal is get to end game content to where thiings get eaqualized in a real big hurry..... and we can start getting at those marvelous Elite force uniforms and gear!!!!

Now, little hints. I've been taking advantage of the once every 6 hours Multiphasic event to go farm anomalies in the exploration zones so I can at least get good solid ships and personal equipment from crafting. No, it is not as good as even mark gear.. So what? You cant craft even mark gear right now so its just another thing to deal with. I'm currently in a K't'inga which I am going to stay in untill I make general because I will want that DIlithium for other things. Its a good solid ship and with its solid turn mode and 4 forward mount weapons I won't lack for firepower. I allready have my Purple Mark VII ships weapons crafted and waiting for me to make captain, along with Kits, personal shields and ground weapons. I'll be doing the Mk IX stuff next, and with luck may even bang out the Mk XI stuff.

Its not perfect and its not going to be untill the rest of the stuff is worked out. If we want the KDF content done right then WE.. yes WE the KDF players have to let the DEV's know where it lacking, broken, not working right. If we do not there is a very real chance that Broken and Borked is the way things will stay.

We should see new KDF ships appearing in the next two weeks with any luck and those will need to be tested. I will likely need to spend C-Store stipend on extra character slots just to make extra KDF to test the ships. We SHOULD see some additional mission content about the same time.

((this is a best guess..if its ready we should see it, if its NOT ready then its not ready, too bad, wait a little longer.. We allready know that Capt. Logan HAS the Nausican, and Orion ships ready to go, and I am assuming Gorn ships also along with at least 1 additional Klingon ship-The D4 from Enterprise which will likely be the counterpart of the NX-01 Enterprise so we should be looking at having mostly parity with the Federation ship wise shortly. Be nice to see T-1 versions of Orion,Gorn,Nausican ships which would be your starter ships depending on the race of your character. Who knows, it could happen!!))

ANyway, nuff for now.. I find any other tings I will post them. I hate how much we have to follow the broken trail right now but there rreally is no helping it..

Go join a PvP cue if you get some decent gear and remind the fed players that KDF is NOT to be discounted..You'll feel much better afterwards and if you do it as one of the daylies.. DILITHUM!

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