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# 1 My complaints. Nothing too big
10-07-2011, 09:59 AM
Why should it even cost dilithium to train a boff? People migh tlean towards retraining their boffs pretty regularly so why not make it cost EC? I mean we can warp to a certain destination that uses EC? That makes no sense. That should take dilithium shouldn't it? I've never had a single complaint about the direction of this game but I can't help it now. Here are my gripes.

1. No longer able to recieve your free ship when promoted. First, it has been said that players would be rewarded for their time played. I see the oposite here. What was wrong with the way it was? If this goes to holodeck I will litterally hate it.

FIX? Still let us recieve our next ship for free when promoted. Make the value of the shio zero so we cant sale it. But Make it to where if we want to get rid of it we can "strip it for parts" and use what we get to craft other items in game. We are Captains, aspiring Captains, or higher in Starfleet, we are given duty stations at no expense to us because of that. It make sno sense for us to have to purchase the next ship when we are promoted.

2. The way Klingons are fixed up tribble is rediculous to me. As a players opinion it makes no sense to start off the way you do. Content gaps?

FIX? Make more content. It will take time but that is the only real solution in my mind. Take one weekly series here and there and make it only Klingon faction. I don't care if one week is Starfleet and the next is KDF? Pretty soon what you have is alot of content for the KDF. I spent fix minutes alotting 5,000 points to my boffs and myself that was just there. Complete with weapons, shields, and armor. This is just a quick fix if that. Sort of like Obama's bail outs a while back. You bailed out the KDF but pretty soon it will come back to haunt you.

3. Doff duty system is cool. I love queing up missions and waiitng for them to complete and recieving rewards. But there needs to be fixes to it.

FIX? Make invisible the missions we can't even start. Make a tutorial in game about how to use the doff system. AND make it where we recieve this system right when we take command of our first ship. It makes no sense that we can captain our own ship and crew but when it comes to the Doff system we can't access it until later on. I that has been changed then great. I think it noght be better but that was one of my gripes a few days ago.

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