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I'm currently a few hundred XP away from being a Vice Admiral- mostly due to leveling via the Duty Officer System.

So I decided that I'd hit up Gamma Orionis- maybe see if it had some borg themed assignments.

Except I can't get there.

Note: I've been running STFs for the past two days.

Why? I assume because of the ludicrous way the story missions are handled that Gamma Orionis access is gated to the borg episodes, and since I haven't yet finished the Romulan eps, I can't get there.

@Cryptic: I know you want to make people do eps in order, but for the love of god, can you remove the requirement to have done ALL PREVIOUS MISSIONS from each of the different episode trees?

Killing a bunch of romulans should have absolutely no effect on my eligability to kill a bunch of Cardassians- or a bunch of borg- or get into Gamma Orionis when my level is high enough.

Given that you've specified that you're interested to see if people can or will level with the DOFF system (they can- I've done it), I find this restriction to be absolutely ludicrous.

I'm going to play through those missions when I have the time, or when they're enjoyable to play through or whatever- but making this giant combo-chain of prereqs to stuff that the game XP counter says I have access to?

I think that's a little much.

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