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# 1 Moon Boots!?!?!
10-07-2011, 11:27 PM
That's right, I didn't stutter! I want MOON BOOTS!

LOL This all came about when I was playing my Tribble character last night. I was doing the Hobus mission, where you scan the ruined worlds of Hobus 1, 2, and 3... and the third one has a little illegal weapon factory under a massive forcefield. You know the mission I am talking about?

Well if you do, read on... if you don't, GO PLAY THE MISSION.

So anyway, I never really noticed this before, or if it was a newer addition, but I was just leaping up a few rocks... when suddenly I noticed how high I was jumping. Not only was I jumping higher, but I was softly floating to the ground. Then I realized, "DUDE, this freakin rock has LOW GRAV JUMPING!!!".

I spent the rest of the mission playing 'Mario Bros' seriously. I couldn't stop hopping around like a caffinated jackrabbit. It was truly a blast though and I was sad to see it end. Now for the real question...

Guys (addressing the devs here), can we PLEASE get us some funtabulous moon boots, like a vainity item, or whatever you want to call it... but I seriously had a lot of fun just JUMPING from place to place. It's not like it would be a game breaker or anything, just FUN. Low grav boots, just for the fun of it!!!

Any of you ever play Knights of the Old Republic on XBOX? Ever run from place to place just swinging your lightsaber around like a freak? Didn't it help to break up the monotony of running around in between mission objectives? Yeah, same thing, useless... but just plain FUN. Same with Perfect World, ever play that? Ever find yourself just double jumping over and over again as you run around? Yeah, same thing.

C'mon guys, give us something fun!!! I know we can shoot off fireworks in our ship (And I do... FREQUENTLY) but we have nothing for our ground walkabouts!!! Consider it, wont you?
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# 2
10-07-2011, 11:44 PM
That was a blast to play not as much fun as learning how to slingshot around that star lol but FUN nonetheless... sorta show-casing what can be done with future missions in low-grav environments
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# 3
10-08-2011, 08:12 AM
when STOked 100 was shown LIVE last saturday they had a clip of the *Animations DEV* (no idea what his name is) and he showed some pretty awesome low grav movement animations

-> EVA suits + Low gravity here we come!

I believe it didn't make it in the final show, but there are 3 more STOked's coming with Videos from the Cryptic visit so maybe in the next one.

next STOked should be LIVE in 3 hours

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