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# 1 Badlands and a few other bugs
10-08-2011, 10:10 AM
I am currently doing the badlands mission ground section and have run into a couple of bugs.

Firstly i have died a few times and always respawn at the beginning of the level which is annoying because i am now at the hanger and the respawn point that was outside the hanger is no longer recognised so im back at the start of the level again.

Also on various missions throughout the chain so far my boffs no longer heal other boffs when they go down and i have to heal everyone of them

There is also the annoyance of when in shooter mode and targeting one of my boffs ALWAYS stands infront of me thus blocking my line of sight and i have to move again just so i can see where im targeting and again a boff comes and stands in front of me.

On the bridge of my ship i also have clone wars going on which has been a bug since season 4 went live.

EDIT:- i am also now having a problem on badlands where one of my boffs dosen't enter the hanger unless i ask to be healed back to life

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