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I would like to outline how long I think it should take to get what types of items for ships or personnel items or whatever. I may forget to list stuff, but what I would really like to see in follow up posts is other peoples' time tables of what they would expect to do for what items.

A good average for cryptic would be good for them to determine how to gage pricing for items. Additionally there is a modest amount of concern about costs on tribble which I think most people feel is out of whack may be resolved in this thread.

I think a next level ship after leveling to the next command rank should just be free period, you put in all that effort leveling, congratulations here is a free ship like we are all used to.

Side-grade ships, bonus ships, etc. = 2 weeks, but 30 minutes a day of work.

Regular ships part of the leveling process but not bought when rank changed 2 days, 40 minutes of work each day
Ship Weapons=30 minutes each
Ship Consoles=10 minutes each
Ship Shields=25 minutes
Ship Deflector=10 minutes
Ship Engines=15 minutes

Ground Shields=1 Hour
Ground Armor=1 Hour
Ground Weapon=1 Hour
Ground Kits=1 Hour

I think if it were any more than that my A.D.D. will kick in and I'll just go play another game. I am not writing the guidelines here, actually the more people who add their expected limit for A.D.D. and item farming the better, STO will have one nice big average that helps them keep us interested in the game on a finely tuned scale.
Lt. Commander
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10-08-2011, 01:58 PM
I am sorry this was suposed to go under Tribble - General discussion, I will have it corrected shortly. Please follow this thread if you are interested at

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