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# 1 Dilithium/Ships/Economy
10-08-2011, 01:41 PM
Like many, I am doing my bit and playing on the Tribble server, dutifully posting bugs when able and throwing in the odd comment on threads.

Having read a few of the threads regarding the new game economy, I thought i'd throw in some of my own opinions and thoughts into the mix.

On it's own, I don't think the Dilithium farming is a bad idea. The current implentation and the effect it's having on the test gameplay is a bit off though.

Like everyone else, I think the ship token system should be left in place. With the current test system players are becoming more concerned with earning Ditlihium Ore/Refined Dilithium than experiencing what Star Trek Online has to offer.

My current test character is only at Commander 5, but I have skipped a lot of patrol missions because I would level far ahead of my Dilithium earning rate. I am logging in sporadically to either pick up one of the few dailies I can currently do with Dilithium as a reward or check on my Duty Officer assignments.
I am of course doing the Exploration missions when they are available.

At the very least give Gold members a free ship token upon levelling and give the Silver members the current setup with some Dilithium and a discount token.
I have never spent money in the C-Store and I am sure I'm not the only lifetime subscriber who hasn't. Thinking that the current ship buying setup would make players like me spend money buying ships is a tad delusional. It won't happen. Worst case, I'll log in occasionally to see how things are going, keep on grinding away at dailies so I can buy a new ship and save up my itty bitty C-Store stipend for something pretty.

I personally have no problems with anyone grinding away to get Dilithium to buy a new sexier ship, ship systems or personal gear. All games have players who like gaining items that way.

I do have some concerns regarding my current emblems/exploration tokens. I only recently realised that I had built up a decent combined total, was never that concerned with them since I made just about all of my live VA's equipment.
I'd hope that anyone who has geniunelly spent a lot of time collecting emblems/exploration tokens is rewarded appropriately for all of that effort and game time. Of course, i'd like to be right along with them, with my little collection.
Lt. Commander
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10-08-2011, 01:57 PM
Exactly. If I am a gold player then I shouldn't be forced to grind for a week to get a new ship. Sadly, I would be on the next tier before I could afford that previous rank's ship.

I hate any game that forces me to grind. I don't play them. If I can be a gold player and avoid that grinding, I'll do it. Same here. If this game really goes this route...I'm out.

Not that Cryptic would care, they already got my money, but loyalty used to mean something.

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