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Tonight I've been going through several elements DOFF's, missions, exploration and stumbled upon something after teaming.

Maybe this game now works better when teamed? Certainly it appears to be in exploration and missions. Could we apply this better and work on missions we do not necessarily individually "like" and then continue on the new linear structure? We all have missions we like and don't like. Beginning to think teaming in Tribble is a bit more necessary.

Let me explain: There appears to be more drops both ground and space when teaming now. Especially quality wise, previously flying solo I was only really getting battery drops. Now I am getting cannons. Can anyone replicate this?

Maybe this is Cryptic's idea to get Fleets and people working together closer in game? The Dilithium system in this mindset makes *slightly* more sense. Could Cryptic be trying to replicate EVE?

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