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The thread where we share our game achievements that meant a lot to you. These don't have to be important in-game, just to you.

Here's a few of mine.

* The Captaincy: It's odd but having gone through Borg, Romulan and Klingon campaigns, and literally hundreds of enemy ships and missions; all I could think of when I got the Captaincy was, "at last - now I'm the rank appropriate for all the **** that Starfleet expects of me."

I'm going to regret being promoted to Vice Admiral because, like Kirk and Picard, I imagine I'm going to be just as mouthy to command now as they were.

* That ONE Klingon Swordmaster: I know, I was insufficiently ground but I played that one mission dozens of times where Klingons were wrecking stuff in an exploration mission and there was no way my tiny crew should be able to beat them. However, one time, by SHEER LUCK I managed to do it.

* Descendant of Kahless: I haven't achieved this one yet but the fact that I haven't encountered any Klingons in a while makes it difficult as I've got 923 kills and need about 77 more to achieve it. It's improper for a Starfleet captain to go hunting down Klingons just for a shiny medal but it was one of the first accolades I made progress on and I hope to eventually get it.

* B'vat: "I'll chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round perdition's flames before I give him up!" It turns out I chased him around the Alpha Quadrant, through the Guardian of Forever, through the Doomsday Machine, and past his past-self before I finally killed him. Just for the poetry of it, I also switched to a Bat'leth. I wish I'd switched everyone else to passive mode.
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10-09-2011, 12:06 PM
finally getting to play and complete the new task forces on tribble. i avoid like the originals on holodeck like the plague for many reasons but finally playing them and beating them was a surprisingly proud moment even if they were the pug friendly versions.

hitting 8000 accolade points. not really sure why 8000 was a milestone for me, but i had it in the back of my head that i wanted to get there and i finally crept over the line.
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10-09-2011, 02:32 PM
Ooh, nice topic. Lesseee...

My first promotion ceremony. Those aren't much talked about and, in hindsight, I'm really not that impressed by them or think much of them, but all the same the first time I earned a promotion and did the ceremony just because it was in my mission list and I didn't know what it was, it gave me that bubbly little proud feeling. The NPCs in the stateroom saluting me never fails to make me grin a little, too.

The Foundry missions I've done so far have all felt like a real accomplishment, kind of like that feeling of satisfaction at the end of a well-written and -resolved episode mixed with that of a job well done and the pride in being the one to resolve things so well and save the day, etc. Idk, but those are all little proud moments.

I'm quite proud of my ship and crew. That's not really a moment or single accomplishment, but still. I like my BOffs and the stories/bios/personalities/relationships I've kind of "assigned" to them, and I absolutely adore my little ship--how it looks and moves and fights and everything, so my never-ending refinement of load out and skills are included in that.

Beating the Borg Red Alerts. I'm always the last to leave because I like flying around shooting fireworks to see all three of the boss' explosions. |D

Similarly, beating the STFs. Though I've done them countless times and sometimes they're plagued with bugs and non-communicative teammates and controlling and picky or incompetent leaders, and sometimes we hit a snag we just can't get by for no good reason, completing them is always a good feeling.

I could come up with others I'm sure, but this post is getting long. I'll leave it there for now. xD

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