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Most of the gear unlocks for both gear, consumables and store unlocks still require 40 hours to process. According to the patch notes on Nov 2nd,



All Gear Rewards, Consumable Items, and Store Unlock projects have had their durations reduced to 2 Hours.

Looking at the items unlocked at tier 2 Omega reputation everything is 40 hours to unlock.

Looking at the items unlocked at tier 3 Romulan repulation, store unlocks are all 40 hours, consumables are all 2 hours, green scorpion fighters are 2 hours with blue being 40 hours, and the Reman set is all 40 hours. Oh and the zero-point console is also 40 hours.

Someone needs to go through and make sure all the timers are set to 2 hours. I might be willing to delay capping Rep for 2 hours but I'm not going to wait 40 hours for one item until I have reached tier 5 in that reputation.

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