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12-28-2011, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by Simale
Here is an other suggestion for the DOff roster.

Please sort it by their department, specialization and then their name third.

And make it possible to search the exchange for their specialization, not their name.
And please make it clear either int he text or on the icon in the exchange if a DOff is medical or science / tactical or security / engineering or operations. It's not 100% as it is now. Some do say which department they belong to others don't.

I don't think these are 'it would be nice' as much as they are requirments now. There are over 1000 DOffs on the exchange but you can only get 400 results. We need an effective way to search for the officers we need. At least some basic filters:
Class (eng/sec/tac/etc....)
Skills (logical/peaceful/etc...)

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