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# 1 Getting Dilithium
10-13-2011, 07:31 AM
Where to get Dilithium

Academy stuff
DOFF Missions (certain Kinds)
Exploration Daylies ( daylies for YOUR current rank )
Satelite repair and freghter rescue mission
Mirror Universe event.

STF's yes run em till you drop and then run em some more lads and lassies.. 1k and change per run. plus Salvage that can be used to get Ground/Space sets.

Lead KDF toon is currently sitting on better then 40k and that number is going to go up.

Looking at current C-store prices I'll be looking at a exchnage rate of 10:1 Dilithium to Cryptic points based on ship prices. Any more ten 20:! is going to be rip off territory

SUbject to change as of this next patch.. com eon 9am..git them servers up.. I need my fix!

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