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# 1 Get some PVP goin'...
10-14-2011, 11:24 AM
First of all,

To the developers of STO. I have seen nothing but improvement in this game since launch. This game is more and more becoming a competitor in the already overpopulated MMO market.

However, Though many more things need to be added on the side of end game content, and exploration revamp.. and SOOoo many other things..

There is something that needs to be added quickly. That's PvP. The assortment of PvP maps is just absolutely horrid. These are the same maps people have been playing for almost 2 years now.

How about this. Throw in a few more well designed artsy cool looking arena maps.. For people who just want to show their skills. Make some static warzone instances that can support up to hmm I don't know.. a good number maybe 10 vs 10 on each side? People can jump in jump out and do some quick skirmishes there completing dailies like.. (For Klingons Destroy 10 fed player ships)...

Add some COOL battle ground Qued Missions.

This is what baffles me the most. Of ALL MMOs out there... STO seems to be the most PERFECT MMO to have staged battlegrounds. It fits the game so perfectly.

Here is an example. Have a battleground scenario where somewhere in the neutral zone.. close to FEd space, or Klingon space or whatever... there is an outreading outpost. Object in the map of Federation players is to hold out the Outpost from incoming Klingon players who are trying to overrun the FED fleet and then destroy the Outpost.

Thats one map.. but to make things even and fun. Have a seperate battleground, as in a whole new map, new art at another section of the neutral zone but now the roles reversed. Klingons Defending their outpost as the Federation try to "Capture" it. Down the road you can have more complex battleground scenarios with more complex mission parameters for both sides. This is a good start thought and down the road it can be rolled into your "territory wars" idea.

Just saying, probably the wrong forum to say this on.. but this game seriously needs some help in PVP. Also add rewards, and a ranking system at least. Make People care about PVP.. Throw in a bunch of new arenas across neutral zone... Throw in some more of the already existing capture and hold maps... Throw in some static no level requirement PVP zones.. Make some cool battlegrounds like the one I mentioned. This will do wonders for the game on a competitive front.

Thanks, that is all

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