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Title: Death of Honor

Author: Gregg247

Faction: Klingon

Number: ST-HU2909927

Length: 30-45 minutes

Levels: Any

"A Klingon ship was lost and presumed destroyed in battle with the Romulans over 10 years ago. Now, reports have surfaced that not only did the ship survive, but the officers and crew are currently living happily in a distant system. These cowardly deserters must be dealt with harshly and quickly.

Your ship will have the honor of accompanying legendary warrior General Krysat as he and his Fleet avenge this inexcusable act of treason."

My goal with this mission was to find the line that Klingons draw between combat violence and outright depravity, and what happens when that line is crossed. Basically, how much is "too much" for a Klingon warrior.

I hope you enjoy the mission, and will leave me helpful feedback for improving my next one.

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